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Auto Loans: 3.25% APR
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$500 certificate: 2.02% APY
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Forms      Reg E Opt In/Out Form

By completing and submitting this form, you are requesting that Coast Central Credit Union change the overdraft protection settings on your account. Your Regulation E "opt in/out" election determines how different types of transactions will be handled when insufficient funds are present to cover them.

   Opting In will ensure that all of your transactions are fully and equally covered by overdraft protection. If you have Courtesy Pay, this allows our system to cover all transaction types.
   Opting Out disables overdraft protection (except by automatic account transfer) for ATM and everyday debit transactions. If you have Courtesy Pay, it will no longer cover these transaction types, but will continue to cover items like checks, electronic (ACH) transfers, and recurring debit transactions.

To opt out of coverage of all transaction types, you will need to opt out of Courtesy Pay completely.

In either case, our system will attempt to cover your transactions with any designated overdraft accounts first. Your opt-in/out choice determines what will happen if no funds are available in any of those accounts. Generally this only affects members who have Courtesy Pay. If you are unsure of your status, please contact our Member Support Center at (707) 445-8801.

Please note that submitting this form will override any previous opt-in/out elections you (or any joint signers on your account) have made.

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Have Questions?
We have answers! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further clarification on Reg E coverage, Courtesy Pay, and more.


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