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Loan Rates As Low As…

Auto Loans: 3.84% APR
Fixed mortgage: 3.642% APR
Adjustable mortgage:   2.574% APR


Dividend Rates As High As…

$500 certificate: 2.17% APY
$10,000 certificate: 2.22% APY
$75,000 certificate:         2.22% APY

When you need to access your accounts on the go, Coast Central Mobile makes it quick and easy. Just enable mobile services within online banking and your account information will be right at your fingertips!

Coast Central Mobile allows you to:
       View account balances
       Review transaction history
       Make basic account transfers
       Send secure messages*
       Find Coast Central locations and ATMs*

* Note: These functions are only available in the mobile web and apps (not via text banking).

There are actually several different ways to access online banking via your mobile phone, once you’ve enabled access (see instructions below for details). How you choose to use Coast Central Mobile is up to you!

Coast Central Mobile App: Downloadable apps are available for Apple and Android phones and devices – iPhones, iPads, iPods, and any phone that uses Android. Just search for Coast Central Credit Union in your app store and download. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to log in.
Coast Central Mobile Website: If you prefer to use your mobile internet browser, you can access Coast Central Mobile by going to This is just a simplified version of Coast Central Online that’s designed to be easier to navigate and quicker to load on mobile phones/devices.
Coast Central Text Banking: For lightning-quick balances, account history, and transfers, Coast Central Text Banking responds to short, simple text message inquiries with the information you need – without having to log in to a mobile website or app. You choose the accounts you’ll have access to via text, but utilizing at least one level of extra security (i.e. setting up a screen lock/password on your mobile phone) is strongly recommended.
Coast Central Online: Many smartphones and tablets can access Coast Central’s regular online banking website by logging in at While this requires verification of a Secure Access Code (unless you activate your browser for future use), it offers the full functionality of online banking.

All you need to do to get started is enable mobile access for your account (within online banking). Just log in and go to Preferences > Mobile.

Just check the box next to “Yes, enable” on the first Mobile Preferences screen (Mobile Enrollment) and Submit. Then click the “Mobile Authorizations” tab and set up a 4-digit mobile access code (for security purposes when making mobile transfers) – click Submit again and you’re done!

Click on the following links to see the steps in online banking:

Once your access is enabled, just visit with your phone/device, or search for Coast Central Credit Union in your Apple or Android app store.

In your Mobile Preferences screen (within online banking), click the “Text Banking” tab. Click the circle next to “Yes, enable” and enter your mobile phone number. Review the terms and conditions and be sure to check the box next to “Agree to Terms.”

Click Submit to progress to the next screen (Account preferences), where you’ll set up your text banking accounts. You can return to this screen at any time to make changes, if you like, under Preferences > Account (under the “Text Accounts” tab). In that screen, check the box next to each account you’d like to be able to access via text banking, and give it a nickname (up to 4 characters) on the right side. Click Submit and your accounts will be ready for text banking use immediately!

Click on the following links to see the steps in online banking:

Using Text Banking
Once you’ve enabled and nicknamed your accounts, using text banking is fast and easy!

Save this number in your contacts: 226563 (BANKME). To use text banking you’ll just text that number (BANKME) with any of the following commands in order to receive information or perform transfers.

BAL <space> <nickname>
Returns account balances for all enabled accounts
Returns account balance for the CKG nicknamed account
HIST <space> <nickname>       HIST SAV Returns most recent 10 transactions on the SAV nicknamed account
XFER <space>
<from nickname> <space>
<to nickname> <space>
XFER CKG SAV 1.23 Transfers $1.23 from CKG nicknamed account to SAV nicknamed account
HELP HELP Returns info on where to get text banking support
LIST LIST Returns a list of available commands (those listed here), with brief descriptions on how to use them.

A Few Notes
1.  You must enter spaces between commands, nicknames, and amounts (as in the examples) above. Without these, the system will return an error.
2.  You must use the nicknames you entered within your online banking settings (not the account type itself, like S10). The only exception is if you actually nicknamed your account “S10.”
3.  Nicknames and commands are NOT case-sensitive (you can use capital and/or lowercase letters in whatever combination you want).
4.  Your mobile number may only be used for one Coast Central member number.

Find the answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQs) in our Online Banking Support section.

Please Note: Accessing mobile banking services requires data usage (internet access) on your mobile phone/device, so please be sure to check with your mobile service provider (i.e. Verizon, AT&T) if you are unsure of your allowance. Your provider may charge additional fees depending upon how much data you use.