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Loan Rates As Low As…

Auto Loans: 3.84% APR
Fixed mortgage: 3.642% APR
Adjustable mortgage:   2.574% APR


Dividend Rates As High As…

$500 certificate: 2.17% APY
$10,000 certificate: 2.22% APY
$75,000 certificate:         2.22% APY

Secure Email

Occasionally, we will need to send you an email (or you will need to send one to us) that contains secure information, such as your social security number or your account details. For those cases, we have a secure email system.


Why do we have a secure email system?

Your privacy and the security of your accounts is very important to us. If we need to send you information that may be sensitive (such as transaction information, or account numbers), it's important that nobody but you can see it. Unfortunately, email may not always be secure–it has to pass through several other systems (such as your email provider's computers) to get to you. We use technologies such as encryption to help protect messages, ensuring that nobody but you can read the email. However, any computers that had to pass that email on to get to you may still have copies of that message. The most effective way for us to protect you is to use this secure email service, which allows us to ensure that your information goes directly from us to you.


To read an email we've sent to you:

When we send you a secure email, you will get a message that says "You have received an encrypted message from Coast Central Credit Union." that looks like this:
secure email

To access the message, open the attachment, and click the button labeled "Read Your Secure Message".
Secure Message Attachment

If you haven't received a secure message from us before, you will need to enter your name and create a password. If you have already enrolled, you will just need to enter your password:

Secure Email Login

Your email message will appear. From here, you will be able to use our system like any other email client, allowing you to print your message, download attachments or reply to your message.

Secure Email Message

Of course, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us or come into a location.